Look Inside Love Your Life

  • “I cannot say enough good about this course! I have been a therapist for awhile and a client for much longer. And I thought I was doing okay with self care. This is bringing a whole new level of awareness! I love the nature timer on all the videos. It makes it so much easier to just sink in without worrying about the time factor. And the body awareness meditation...I got to the tightening of my chest and upper back and knew without thought exactly what that felt like. Fear. Living my life in fear. Wow. I choose at least one video a day. Sometimes several. And in just the few days I have been doing this I am much more aware of how I am feeling. Thank you thank you thank you for this course!!”



  • “Thank you. I wondered how John 's work would evolve and you are setting the stage. I can't tell you how awesome it was to hear Katie's voice every so often for the count, very soothing. . I like how you brought Cape Cod and Key West and other beaches in very beautiful. I think you did a great job on a first of many great courses to come. I appreciate that you are doing it! Many great unwindings to you both, Bravo.”



  • “I just had to tell you that I love this idea!!! Yesterday’s guided meditation was wonderful & today’s session for headaches was PERFECT. These daily emails remind me to “check in” with me. Thank you & Katie for helping to remind me to make MFR a daily experience. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session.”