"No Pain, No Gain" is a big, fat lie. Here's why.

"No Pain, No Gain!" That's what our clients sometimes say, when we ask them what they are feeling. We know at this point that whatever technique we are doing is causing them pain, but for some reason we were taught that if we grin and bear it, we will gain our desired outcome.

Did you know Jane Fonda coined the term in the 80's with the release of her aerobic exercise videos?

And we all hopped on the bandwagon and started using it for everything from wearing high heels to losing weight, to releasing restricted muscles.

It's time to move forward about 40 years. (whoa. That just made me feel really old for some reason)

Firstly, Jane Fonda is...well. Jane Fonda. and is incidentally still fabulous on her hit sensation, Grace and Frankie (LOVE me some Grace and Frankie!)

and Secondly....that was just a thing she said! Just this random thing she said that had literally 0 scientific basis (it has since been scientifically proven to be wrong) and everything to do with getting her peeps to work harder and get their heart rate pumpin'. Cuz let's face it. We all need a little kick in the you know what sometimes, to get that happening!

And all of this, has NOTHING to do with releasing your restricted fascia and muscles. 

Obviously when we try to stretch out a tight muscle, there's going to be some discomfort and some people think that if you bring that stretch to end range where it REALLY REALLY hurts, that you will stretch it faster. 

Nope. You'll just hurt more. Fascia works on time, not increasing pressure. 

So, we would like to set the record straight for you. In this video, Nicole talks about No Pain, No Gain, the fine line between too much and not enough and where you want to be for a Myofascial Self Care Stretch. 

Oh. and, you're welcome. You are hereby granted permission to relax and not have to feel mind numbing pain during your Myofascial Sessions anymore. 


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