Why I hate Before and After Pictures- How Myofascial Release helps

One of the more difficult things to explain to people about Myofascial Release is the profound effect it can have, not just on your physical body, but also your mind. 

We all know about the "Mind Body Connection". In the medical world, it is being increasingly understood as the factor behind much of our phsyical ailments and yet, is still regarded as a fairly "new" idea. 

Well. Last time I checked, my mind lives inside my physical body. (if yours doesn't, we have a problem here...)

What we don't realize though, is that as we start to feel into our physical body with Myofascial Release, we start to see how our mind is actually controlling the ability to let go, physically. 

When I started my Myofascial Journey, I knew that I had issues with my weight. I felt deep down inside that I was fat, and because of this, I did not deserve love, money, nice things, a boyfriend, etc, etc. I of course NEVER said this out loud to anyone. (what isn't said out loud, isn't true, right???) I am sure many of you can relate. 

What I did not know, was that was all a lie. It was all a made up lie that I was telling myself, because that was what society and all of the women around me, taught me. 

Now, they didn't SAY those things. They were silently implied. Family dinners included weight loss competitions between my aunts and uncles. Diets were constantly talked about. "Losing Weight" was mentioned approximately 50 times an hour.  Before and After pictures were passed around getting praised and congratulated. So I followed suit for awhile, until I wore myself down into the ground and discovered Myofascial Release and how to start caring for myself, in a different way. 

I was inspired this past spring, to reveal some of my personal struggles with my weight, body image, and weight loss. After Katie and I made the video, I freaked out a little. WHOA. Now everyone will know the truth! 

But, as it turns out, you NEED to know this truth.

We are holding ourselves back from greatness and it is not our fault. It is time to start using the principles of Myofascial Release and Self Love and Self Care to start feeling better and get to our own truths so we can live a happy life. 

I hope you enjoy this video and feel free to share it with others you know that are in the "Losing Weight" shame spiral. We welcome your comments. 


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