Surprising Way Myofascial Release helps with Weight Loss, pt 2

Confession: When I re watched my video blog tonight about my weight loss beliefs, I almost decided to just skip it and not share it with you.

But I know that there are SO many people that would benefit from hearing even just a snippet of it, that I decided to share it anyways, even if it made my uncomfortable. I've learned that when something makes me feel uncomfortable, it is usually because I stretching a little outside my comfort zone, to grow in to a bigger human being. (Growing Pains ARE real!!)

Throughout my Myofascial Release Treatments and Self Care, I really started to get into self love and examining some of the old belief systems that had been created in my mind, particularly about my weight and my body. As I started releasing physical restrictions, I also started becoming more and more aware of the bracing patterns in my body and how they related to my belief systems I had learned about my body.

You see, my family loved me. They NEVER once told me anything bad about myself. In fact, I remember my Mom and Dad always commenting on how nice I looked.  

It was what they weren't telling me, that I started to read between the lines and make meaning from. 

For instance, you see someone you haven't seen in awhile, and they say, "Oh, you look great! Did you lose weight?" (my weight obsessed family loves this phrase)



On the surface, that seems like a harmless statement. But if you really start to think about it and bring your full awareness to all sides of that statement, you start to realize what your brain is doing with that statement. 

(BTW, I would LOVE to know what happens in your body and mind when someone says that to you, please comment on my video blog if you would like to share. I am sure you won't be the only one to feel that way. Just maybe the only one brave enough to share it.)

Am I only looking good, when I am in the process of losing weight? And what happens then, when I gain it back? or plateau? Check out my video if you'd like to learn more. 

And let me know, while you are reading it, how you feel, in your body. Did it bring up any sensations for you? Do you connect with a part of the statement? 

Hopefully this will help you understand how deep Myofascial Release can go, body, mind and soul. 

Feel free to share this with your friends, family, anyone else you think might benefit from it. 


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