A Self-Care Quickie for Your Deltoid


Have you ever had deltoid pain?  I have, and I found that stretching and using the ball just wasn't cutting it (for me anyway).  So I used my intuitive super powers to find a way to release that pesky deltoid.  


deltoid muscle

The Deltoid Muscle


What did I do?  I leaned into my kitchen table.  

"Ahhh!  That feels better already."


So here are the steps to releasing your deltoid on a table or counter top:  

Step 1. Find a table or counter top with a soft edge.  If you don't have one then put a towel on the edge of the table to soften it a bit.  You don't want a harsh angular edge to work with.  

Step 2.  Either sitting or standing find a comfortable position where you can lean into the edge of the table with your deltoid.  

Step 3.  Roll back and forth on the edge until you find "the spot"

Step 4.  Hang out there keeping a constant pressure for at least 3 minutes and remember to BREATHE!


Are there any funny ways you have ever discovered for releasing tricky areas of the body?  Our receptionist once used a potato to release her psoas muscle.  No joke.  We want to hear about your self-care innovations.  It could help someone else!  So leave a comment or write to us.  We'd be happy to share your unique techniques with the group.  


Happy Stretching,




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