How Long until I Feel Better? The Spirals of Healing

"How long is it going to be before I start to feel better?"

"How many sessions is it going to take?"

"Why do I feel worse now?"

These questions usually pop up soon after someone starts with their Myofascial Journey.  

I spent some time in on the beautiful beaches of Florida last week and there are amazing shells. I happened to find this one here:

Looking inside at its perfect coils, echoing the outside coil, I was reminded of how healing is not a straight line, but more of a spiral. Like peeling away layers of the onion, or spiraling into the center of a shell. Take this one for instance. The outside could represent some sort of belief pattern you move through regularly.

How about "I am only valuable if I work really hard and hurt my body to help others"..  You ignore your body. You work yourself to the bone. You create all of these to do lists and things in your life that you (and ONLY you) can do. You never say no. You never ask for help. (sounding familiar?)

And then you start hurting. Maybe your arm hurts a little. Or you get a little headache. But, you know you HAVE to get that one extra thing done.

So you ignore it. You freeze it. You freeze it into your fascia. And this gets hardened into your fascia, like this shell. Maybe it gets stuck in your heart. Or your arms. Maybe your hands. Or even your back. (We have no clue where you put it. That's what makes this work so personal)

All this, is the outside spiral. Maybe you even keep spiraling along the outside path. You take medication to numb the pain. Maybe you start drinking a little extra wine at dinner. Or that ice cream starts tasting mighty fine.

But, then, one day, you throw your back out.

Whoops. Ouch, its like, you can't even breathe! 

So you do some Myofascial work, bringing your awareness into your body, deepening into your feel into your body, into that hardened shell. Waiting at the barrier, melting the shell. Recognizing that you have this belief system. Realizing that. .  . hmmm. . . . maybe I totally made that up in my mind. Maybe I am totally cooll, maybe I don't have to freak myself out anymore because I am doing the best I can. Your back starts feeling better. 

When you do that, you are taking yourself, to the next layer of the shell. (thats the mini spiral, shown inside). 

So you start doing your list again. working hard. burning yourself out. AND your back starts to hurt a little again and you say HEY! I fixed that. You get all down on yourself. Maybe you bash your Myofascial Therapist a little. Call them a kook or something. That stuff didn't work! 

The good news is that, you are learning. You feel your back hurting a little. Before you completely "throw it out" and can't breathe. Like the last time. So you go see your therapist, work on it, peel away some more layers and now you know for the next time, "Well, working 16 hour days is too much for me. It's ok to slow down and work 12 instead"

BAM. Another spiral deeper. You see? We are not a straight line. We spiral. Keep learning, keep growing, keep going deeper into ourselves. 

So, the next time you feel like you are going backwards, tell me. . . .can you maybe look at it, like this shell? Spiraling deeper? Learning more about yourself and your body along the way? 

Have you ever experienced this before? We'd love to hear from you, feel free to comment or share us with your friends. 

Spiralingly Yours,

Nicole Russo


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