He Told Me I Was Pathetic...And I Believed Him

He told me I was a weakling.  He told me that I should be ashamed of myself.  He told me a lot of nasty things.  And he made sure to repeat them day in and day out for an entire year.  His words became embedded in my consciousness.  I believed that I was weak.

But today I dead-lifted 105lbs, almost my entire body weight!

So how did I go from being afraid of gyms and feeling sorry for myself to confidently weight lifting and building massive strength? 



When I was 25 I was in an emotionally abusive relationship.  Many of us get involved with narcissists without realizing it.  They slowly start stripping away your self-esteem until you start to think you're crazy.  Then you're trapped.  They have full power over you.  That's what happened to me.  

But even after I finally broke free my body and mind were still in disarray.  I was in a new relationship and constantly afraid that I would disturb, anger or upset my easy going new boyfriend.  It took time to realize that he was never going to react the way my ex had.  

The weirdest thing that hung around after the break up was my knee injury.  Midway through my nightmare relationship with my ex we had gone hiking together.  He spent the entire time berating me about not going fast enough.  He wouldn't let me stop to rest for more than a minute.  And low and behold I injured my knee on the way down.

I saw a knee specialist.  I had an MRI.  I went to PT.  No one had any clue what was wrong with my knee.  The tests all came back negative. They probably thought I was crazy.  Until one day I took a John Barnes Myofascial Seminar and everything changed...

A really talented therapist was working on my knee and I started to have a full blown unwinding for the first time.  I was crying, shaking, screaming.  It was intense.  It was cathartic.  It was just what I needed.  I let go of so much fear and pain in those few minutes.  I went to get treated by her again and she worked on my knee.  After that, I had no more knee injury.  

A few months later I attending John Barnes' Unwinding Seminar.  He asked us to notice if any negative beliefs are coming up.  Mine was crystal clear:

"I am weak".

So I let myself feel it and then followed John's instructions to replace it with a new, healthier more positive belief: "I am stong."  

At that point I thought I was done but this belief about being weak kept coming up in bad situations that I would get myself in.  Finally, I realized that the real negative belief hiding down inside of me wasn't really "I am weak".  That was just the superficial belief.  Underneath it was "I'm not worth it" and "I'm not good enough".

After that realization I started to really progress at the gym where I hadn't before.  Why?  Because I had finally changed my beliefs.  Your mind and body are not just connected, I dare say, they are one.  

So if you haven't tried our unwinding video yet, give it a shot.  It might just change your life...



Did this video help you?  Please tell us about it in the comments.  Your story will help and inspire others!

Much Love to You All!



Amy Maguire

Thanks for sharing this Katie - what an amazing and inspiring story!
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Katie Bourgeois

Thanks Amy! I'm glad it touched you :)
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