4 simple steps to FREEDOM

 For many of us over here in the United States, today is the day we celebrate our Freedom. 

I've been thinking about Freedom, lately. Ever since I asked myself the question: 

"What is it, that you truly want, in life?" 

Freedom. The answer was easy. Freedom.  To do whatever I wanted to do in my life. 

To be whatever I want. To do whatever I want. To be pain free while I do it. 

Freedom to be happy, sad, have my own opinion, eat ice cream every day.

Practicing freedom, on the other hand, is a whole different story.  

One that this year, many Americans may hopefully start redefining for themselves. 

Many years ago, people fought for us to have our freedom. 

The thing is, we have always been free. We were given this amazing gift, called free will.

Free Will is so vast and full of possibilities though, that we totally freaked out.

We were like, what?! Do WHATEVER we want? REALLY?

Well, what do we do??

So we tried some things. And some things were totally awesome sauce. 

(Like....eating ice cream for instance....can you see a trend here?)

and some things, were not so awesome sauce.

like in Katie's email, were she ended up with an emotionally abusive partner 

and got hurt emotionally and physically. 

Because we made up these belief systems about all of our free will decisions,

 we got scared to feel through the painful stuff to get to the other side.  

So we locked ourselves down, away from our own freedom. This lockdown

is not only emotional, it affects us physically, as well. 

Katie mentioned it in her email but in case you missed it, we are daring to tell you:

Your emotions and your physically body are inextricably linked. We see it every day. 

In this video, I explain what happened when I saw the lockdown first hand, in my client,

and how I linked that to my own lockdown away from freedom and 4 simple steps that are

necessary for freedom. 



We want to help you SOAR FREE again, Body, Mind and Soul. 

So, in honor of Independence Day over here in the US, I invite you to watch this video and 

find out how to become free again, free to live your life exactly as you want. 

Katie and I are all about helping others feel better about themselves and free themselves from pain. 

If any of my story resonates with you, feel free to share it with your friends, post on 

Facebook, or feel free to comment, we love to know how we are helping.

Sometimes it gets a little lonely out here in the video/email ethers

wondering if we are actually connecting with you....so let us know if you like it, 

or if you want something different. Or if you have questions about your own journey,

We would love to hear them. 

Love and Freedom to you All,



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