Can't Seem to Unwind? Try These 3 Things...

Today I just wanted to give you a little advice on how to set the stage for unwinding.  If you personally have no trouble unwinding, chances are you know somebody (maybe one of your clients) who wants to unwind but just can't seem to get there.  So please spread the love and share this blog post with them.  Also, you never know.  Even if you have no trouble unwinding you might learn something from this video.  

(If you have no idea what unwinding is watch this video now)

Unwinding is all about letting go and feeling.  Actually that is what Myofascial Release is about in general.  And that's what Nicole and I are always promoting here at Look Inside Love Your Life

It may sound cheesy, I'm sure you've heard it all before, but FEELING is HEALING.  I'm gonna say it again: feeling is healing.  Sometimes we know these concepts but they don't really sink into our bones for awhile.  So if you're looking to unwind feel, feel again.

But sometimes "just feel" doesn't really resonate.  You may be yelling "Yea Katie!  I already AM feeling!  What gives?".  So, I thought about it.  What are the necessary conditions for unwinding?  What helps people really feel?  

I came up with 3 Keys to Unwinding that will help you get into that healing zone.  They are all things that you already know how to do!  Isn't that crazy?  You don't even have to learn something new, you just have to implement things that you maybe had forgotten about, or just didn't even think about.  

Check it out in our latest video:



Now we want to hear from you! 

Did you try any of these 3 things?  What were your results?  

Tell us about it in the comments.  When you comment here everyone else can see that they are not alone!  Yes, another human being on this planet has overcome or is overcoming the same obstacles as you.  Isn't that wonderfully reassuring?

I hope you're feeling empowered to unwind and let go.  Stay tuned for next week.  Nicole has an awesome video for you!

Much Love,




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Darren Moskowitz

Thanks Katie. Great advice! I really enjoy unwinding after a long run after i have am aware of where I am holding or tight in my body. I find it helpful to unwind into the area that is tight, which I discovered on my run. Also, I love to unwind after a long day of treating patients. It is especially heightened and easy to move right into unwinding. Thanks for the great post. I appreciate your videos and look forward to seeing Nicole next week. Darren
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