Afraid to wear a bathing suit this year? Here is how I got the perfect Beach Body with Myofascial Release

 Here is a transcript for those of you that prefer to read!

hello friends!
Nicole Russo from the Myofascial Self-Care Video Course Online and today
I'd like to talk about part three of letting go of negative belief systems
about your weight and body image so I'd like to title this the day I realized I
wasn't Barbie and we all like realize this but really realizing it on a deep
level is a whole nother thing.
So when you are on the path of losing weight you have an image of your mind of who you
want to look like. You put an image up or maybe there's a picture of you you
used to be the size of or picture in your mind of like a model or somebody
that you really admire or maybe it is even Barbie!
The thing is, I don't think we really realize who that person is in
our minds and one day as I was doing all this,
I sat down and was looking at all different types of bodies outside in the world at the beach.
I love going to the beach because you can't hide anything at the beach.
Everybody's in their bikini. I love that I just love that everybody's out there walking around with their own
body type just owning it just chilling out. At the beach people have bellies, people have legs,
people have other parts of their body that aren't perfectly toned like Sports Illustrated and I
started thinking to myself ....
Wow. this whole time I've had this image in my mind of like this completely
unattainable thing of like somebody on Sports Illustrated or like some lady from
Cirque de Soleil I want to look like her or like some lady from the Olympics or you
know any lady basically that was in the magazines at the time that I was growing up
and I thought to myself ....Oh this is their JOB, to look this way. They spend probably six
to eight hours a day exercising or whatever it is that they're doing...starving themselves,
spray tanning... now we have photo shopping so it's not even actually the real body we're
looking at!
And I'm trying to look like them and have a real life too and I thought to myself
Is it worth it? 
is it worth it? what's that going to give me? if I look like so-and-so in Sports Illustrated?
or this person and not the magazine I'm looking at what is that going to really give me?
and I'm going to have to do all this stuff for six to eight hours a day!
Make it my job to look a certain way and I realized:
that I was born and I came out! and I am this way! I am red hair, I have freckles, I'm not like
this perfectly tan buff lady I am a little bit chubby, curvy, whatever you want to call it
I'm also short!  5'2" - I have no control over that whatsoever and this is the
package that I got!
 so maybe it's time for me to start enjoying this body that I have rather than trying to change it
all the time to be something that is never going to be! I'm sorry but there's no way that I am ever
going to have tiny arms. Katie and I have this conversation all the time and you'll listen to her in
her blog talk, about her arms and her strength,  and then I talk about my arms and I wish that
I had her arms so that I could fit into the shirt she wears but it doesn't matter! We're just different
people, and you know what?
if my arm fat goes back and forth (waves arms emphatically) what does that mean?
We (Women) talk about this all the time: how horrible this is... yet everybody I know has it.
check it out! look! (waving arms again)
What does this mean? Does this mean you're a bad person? huh? Does this mean you need to go on a
No.  I am NOT a piece of stone. I am a living human being that moves and shakes, and you know what?
If my arm DOESN'T shake around a little bit, something might be wrong with my arm!
I'm like a fluid being maybe need a little myofascial release under there!
So! You know what? I'm going to the beach! and I'm going to shake my arms! laugh!
and I am going to jump in the waves and have fun! because that's the point of life.
It's not to like hide on the beach like this so nobody can see you! It is to get out
there and be joyous be in the Sun! be in the ocean! be outside! If you don't like
the beach go somewhere else! enjoy the body that you're in! look at the limits of your body
and say okay but you enjoy fully who you really are! Who you really want to be!
So I'll see you on the beach with your arms and let's wave to each other !
And if you know a friend or family member that feels embarrassed to go to the beach
or to go outside and have fun because they are afraid of what people will think of their bodies,
please share my story with them. Hopefully it will help them see life in a new light, so that they
can go out and live it, instead of hide. 


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