Bonus Technique: Neck Unwinding

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In my previous blog post: The 3 Keys to Unwinding, I talked about how trust, feeling and intuition can help us move into a mode where we allow our bodies to move on their own.  Now it's time to put those concepts into action with our most recent bonus technique: Neck Unwinding. 

Neck Unwinding in essence is a very simple technique.  Just by allowing your neck to move in an unconscious way you can gain more awareness of tension and start to release more deeply.    



Here are the steps needed to unwind your neck:

1. Start by sitting or standing in a place where you have some peace and quiet.

2. Gently soften all of the muscles and joints in your body as much as you can while staying upright.

3. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

4. Start by simply observing the sensations found in your neck.  Continuously take your mind away from any thoughts and bring it back to the sensations in your neck and the rest of your body too.

5. Allow your neck to start to move in anyway that feels right without thinking about it, see if you can give up conscious control of the movement.  Allow the movement to take over and go in it's own direction. Allow the pace of movement to ebb and flow on it's own.  


Leave us a comment and let us know how that felt for you!  

Did you gain any new awareness in your neck?

Did you start to unwind in other parts of your body too?  


As always, I hope this helped!

<3 Katie


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