I Will Not Be Moved -- Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Awhile back I created a vlog about how Myofascial Release revealed some pretty big negative beliefs I had about myself.  It was all tied into an experience I had while hiking with my emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend.  He berated me the entire hike for not going fast enough and I injured my knee on the way down.  I went to the doctor, got an MRI, saw a knee specialist, went to PT and couldn’t even get a diagnosis.  Yet, anytime I tried to balance on my leg or walk downhill my knee would swell like a balloon.  Finally, I had an emotional release during one of my first MFR sessions and my injury simply went away.

But, over the years of paying attention to my mental-emotional wounds I realized that there was still something there left to explore.  I never really thought about this ex after things ended and I quickly met my husband who is an amazing, supportive, loving and kind man.  I simply moved on.  But my subconscious did not.  My subconscious kept telling me lies like:

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’re pathetic.” (something that my ex shockingly did used to say to me often)

“You should be quiet and hide your true self.”


 So, I did something I had been thinking of doing for a long time.  I went back to hike Mount Major this time on my own for a little redo.  On my drive up to the mountain I listened to an audio book version of “Braving the Wilderness” by the amazing Brené Brown for the SECOND time.  Seriously, this book is magic, so do yourself a favor and read it.  Some of what is talked about in this book really helped me and inspired me during my journey to the top and back. 


During the end of my hike a super crazy thing happened!  The type of thing that makes you say to yourself, “holy crap the universe is definitely communicating to me right now”.  I mean chills down your spine type of stuff. 


Check out the vlog and watch my journey up and down the mountain:



The most important lesson I had coming out of this all is to really learn how to stand your ground and mean it.  Learn how to plant those roots of who you are as a person and not be moved.  This is so difficult for some many of us (especially women or people who have been abused) but it is essential that we continue to fight for ourselves and learn how to do this work.  Otherwise life will just keep happening to us and we will never truly live. 

Intense, I know.  But important.

So, I want to hear from you...

What have you done in your life to become emotionally stronger?  How have you empowered yourself?  How do you compassionately say no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do want in life?

Leave a comment below to share your insights with others.


Much Love (as always),



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