A new direction for our course is brewing for 2018, plus Nicole's surprising New Year's Eve

Hey there and Happy 2018!

(How did a whole year go by? That's what we wanna know!)

Katie and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from many of you about our Self Care Courses and our blog posts from this year, and we noticed a lot of you were being helped by many of our posts about cultivating self love and sharing of our personal stories. As scary as it was to share so much of ourselves we also found it freeing and the best part was that so many of you responded with stories in kind. 

We originally called this newsletter Look Inside. Love Your Life, because that's what Myofascial Release has allowed us to do and we want to help inspire more people with the idea of looking within to make a better life for themselves. Once we started down this path, we knew it was something that we wanted to continue to do. That's why we are officially naming our business Look Inside. Love Your Life. (if you want to see our new logo, check out our facebook page!) 

Stay tuned, we are going to have some more blogs coming up AND....a new course, too! 

But for now, check out our most recent Facebook Live Video, where Nicole shares more of her funny and surprising New Year's Eve with you.




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