Are you missing this important step in your Self Care?

Hey Folks, 

Nicole here. Last week I was away on vacation. Which at first meant that I physically moved my body from the snowy Northeast, to sunny Florida while my mind kept checking work emails, calling people and essentially....working. Not exactly a took me a little while to start to unplug. And, as I did, this funny feeling of guilt and anxiety started creeping, and my mind sent me these REALLY helpful thoughts to support that, like

"Will all my employees be ok when Im gone?"

"Will someone call in sick and I miss the message and a client is disappointed?"

"Did I get back to so and so on time?"

"What if people think I don't work hard enough to go on vacation?"

"What if my business disappears while I am away or something terrible happens and I can't do anything about it?"

You know. really useful things to think, when you are trying to lounge on the beach and soak in the ocean waves....I realized...vacation doesn't really count, if I don't actually allow my mind to come along for the ride!

It took me a good couple of days to actually turn that off and give myself this opportunity to take time off. . . and retrain my brain with healthier thoughts. Like:

"Hey there worked HARD for this time off. You deserve to relax fully into the moment, without regret"

"Psst.....Nicole....this time of relaxation and doing nothing nourishes your SOUL and you need that time to recharge!"

"You have awesome people that you trained well. They are going to be just fine while you are gone...and they most likely like having a break from you, too!"

After that, I started relaxing a little. And I felt it. I had finally arrived all the way on vacation. As I let my mind enter Florida, I noticed an even deeper level of relaxation throughout my body, too. It is a constant feedback loop, between your body and your mind. So, do yourself a favor. . .the next time you are on vacation or have a day off, check in with yourself. Are you all the way there? Or just physically in location? Can you allow your body AND mind, to rest and recharge? 

After deserve it, just as much as me! 

Here is me on the beach in Florida, after having successfully relaxed a little...and you even get to see a sunset, too! 




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