The Magic Button that Erases Pain...Nicole reveals The Truth

When you have an injury, or something hurts...the only thing you really want, is for that pain to just go away.

We try a few things. Maybe we get a massage. or try a new chair. take some medicine. Or maybe we simply keep saying to it:

"Go Away!"

or we just ignore it. and hope that it goes away. 

So after a few months of that and it STILL hasn't gone away, now, we get mad. frustrated. angry. we cry in frustration even. 

Still. it persists. 

Well. there is one thing that we don't realize and that is what I am talking about today on our youtube video. The Magic Button that Erases Pain. I'll let you in on a little secret. . . it doesn't exist. But. what DOES exist, is time, and awareness. Check it out:


[transcript of video]

I know, that you think, there is a magic button on your body, that you think is going to fix all of your pain.

I used to think that, too.

My back used to hurt so bad, I'd get up in the morning and I couldn't even bend over to put my socks on! I couldn't even bend over. 

I used to drop things on the floor. And look at them. And try to decide, if it was worth the pain, to bend over and pick them up!

So, I always thought there was some sort of magic button, that I was missing something, that I was doing something wrong....

that there would be this one stretch or this one thing that I did or this one big realization that I would have about my life and my back pain would just magically disappear. And...that, is not true. And Im sorry to report that for you. You know, in this day and age, we all want this magic button, the magic pill, the magic potion, the magic ab tightener, or whatever all of these different things are, essentially they all come down to the magic button. 

There's no magic button. And it's always a sad day when I have to tell my clients that. When they are sitting there, very frustrated, and they're like, 

"I tried this and I tried that, and it's not working, this isn't working", and I have to say, "You know what? It takes TIME.This process takes time."

There is a REASON why you are in so much pain you can't move. BECAUSE, you ignored the signs for so long, that you're body is now screaming so loud at you, that you can't move!  There is no other action now, for you to do, except stop ignoring and start listening. But now, when we get to that point, instead of starting to listen, and slow down and try to unravel the big knot we made, what we do instead, is say to our therapist, "I have this big knot, but Im quite sure there is a magic button that's going to fix it for me, so you're going to show me the magic button. 

Well. No. It takes time. So it takes time to start listening to your body. It takes time to start figuring out what it is that's going on with my body and that takes patience!

And that's another thing we're not too keen on either. Because it's like, Hurry up! I want to fix my body so I can keep doing all those other things that I've been doing, that have been messing up my body. 

So...essentially when you are in this level of pain, what your body is really saying is "Hey....STOP..... What you are doing, is.NOT.WORKING" You must slow down. You must start listening to me. We MUST do it a different way.

And, when we have let our body get to that point? Then it takes TIME, to do a different way. You've been doing the same way...however old you are! 

And now, it's like, you need to throw your whole life up in the air, let it come down into different pieces, figure out what works and what doesn't work for your body. So you take your time and you start listening in and you start doing some of the self care techniques the myofascial self care techniques. You can use the tracking log in our full course where you can do the stretch and really listen in to your body and write it down, note the date, note what stress you did, notice what you felt and write those things down.

This is a journey. This is a marathon. This is not a sprint. This is not, a Magic Button. 

So. I'm not going to lie to you, like other people do, and try to tell you that there's some kind of pill, or one little adjustment here or this one little stretch here. There isnt. And I'm not going to lie to you about that. 

But, what I will tell you, is that if you start listening to yourself, you start taking care of yourself, you start asking for help from your Myofascial Release Therapist or other people in your life, that you WILL start getting better. And you WILL be able to get up. And you WILL be able to bend over without back pain and...go dancing! and have fun in your life!

But first....a little patience for yourself..and it's time. To start listening. 

So, here is this week's challenge: choose any of the self care stretches you know, or watch one of the self care videos and approach it from a listening perspective. try it out, and let us know:

1. What stretch did you try? 

2. What did you notice, when you started listening, to your body? 

We look forward to hearing all about it, in the comments!




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