My 5 FAVORITE Myofascial Tricks to release a Tight Desk Body (or anyone who sits or bends over all day long!)

 I'll keep it short today. I just sent out a facebook live broadcast on my 5 FAVORITE  Myofascial tricks to release a tight desk body. 

These are my favorite techniques, because they get results. When I've been sitting at my desk doing business stuff all day, or bending over clients working with them all day, I use these tools to help my body feel better. 

I can tell when I have started skipping them, because after a few weeks of slacking off, my body lets me the form of neck and back pain....or not pain even...but just a tightness....or a creaky old feeling when I go to stand up or sit down. 

Ultimately, you'd want to do some or all of these every day, to counteract the 8+ hours you work in the same position. But since we are all human and we know thats never happening, I am sending out this short reminder to you so that you will have something helpful today to get you back on track. 

Have fun and if you like my video, please share it with your friends on facebook...lets face it...We could ALL use this help! (Don't mind my funny face in the image here...Im not half asleep. BAHAHA Why does the video ALWAYS catch you looking funny?!) 


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Catherine Margaronis

Nicole—this is FABULOUS. Thank you so much. My Fibro myofascial pain really hits my arms and biceps and triceps, and these arm wall stretches feel sooooo good. You did awesome and I could hear you fine. Thank you, you’re a gem. 

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