How NOT to Break Your Back Shoveling Snow

Hello There Weary Snow Shoveler!

Or perhaps you live down south and spend less time shoveling snow and more time raking leaves, etc.  Either way, if you have a yard or even a sidewalk to take care of, it can affect your body in unpleasant ways.


Katie Shoveling

Katie shoveling snow early this morning


You have no idea how many people come into our office each winter complaining of busted shoulders and spasms in their low backs from shoveling snow!

Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent injury.  


1. Engage your core!  No matter what type of yard work activity you are doing, whether it be raking or shoveling, always engage your core.  

2. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRRRR bend your back! EVER!  Keep it straight.  For real. This one is important.

3. Bend your knees and hinge at your hips.  This will help you keep your back straight and core engaged.

4. Switch sides.  Yes, I know you have one side that is stronger but you gotta switch it up.  Otherwise you may find yourself in a position where only one side is working :P

5. Work out with a personal trainer.  This is important if you are unsure of how to have good form. Working out on a regular basis will help prevent your body from injury in all areas of your life.  Nicole and I like to go to Fitness Together in Reading, MA and Melrose, MA.  If you live elsewhere do an online search and read reviews to find a good trainer!

6. Hire help if needed.  So maybe the neighbors will scoff at you.  Or maybe you just weren't raised that way.  You are self sufficient and you have your pride.  Well, all I have to say is that your pride won't be of much use when you're laying in bed all day unable to move.  If you just aren't in the shape to be doing yard work or shoveling DON'T DO IT.  Your health is more important than your pride or what others think of you.  Besides, you're better than that!


When you shovel properly it will feel a lot harder!  It will be a work out.  The reason we let our backs bends and get lazy is because it's easier.  Our bodies try to conserve energy this way.  But don't be fooled.  Use proper body mechanics and take breaks if needed.  You'll be better off in the long run.  And you might even develop some strength in the process!


That's it for now.  We hope all you snow bunnies are staying warm today :)


xo Katie


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