Frustrated by your Pain? Try this Unique Approach...

hello friends!
Sometimes, when we are in pain for a long time, whether it is emotional or physical, we can start to feel REALLY frustrated 
with ourselves. You don't even realize it's happening. You assign a timeline or a technique to the issue at hand, 
and when the issue does not resolve itself in the time frame we give it, or the technique doesn't work, well 
naturally, we get upset. We get annoyed. We get downright FRUSTRATION CENTRAL about it! 
I know I do. And I know I'm not alone. Because I see it all the time with new clients, or clients that have been in a lot of 
pain, for a long time. Once they get to me, I am the last resort. 
Which has its benefits. Like for instance, once we are in last resort mode, we are open to trying less "conventional" 
And that is exactly what I am offering here to you today. I don't know if this will resonate with any of you, or maybe it will
just be one word, or one phrase. But I invite you to take a moment and check out my latest video and let us know, what you
think. We'd love any comments! 

Nicole Russo here from the myofascial self-care video course online, and today I would like to talk to you about how to
treat yourself like a baby bunny.
so cute baby bunnies!
so what do I mean by that?
well a lot of people really have trouble with understanding what softening means or what being gentle with yourself means.
Even when I went through this whole process, I was like "what does that really mean?? soften? let go?  I'm doing that!  what's next?!"
and then I thought to myself:
okay so there's the scared part of me or there's like this part of me that I don't really want to feel or like this
is like neck pain I don't really want to feel. And I keep trying to force it to release. And I thought to myself:
well,  if I was a baby bunny, how would I get that baby bunny to come to me?
Here I am trying to like yell at it to "come out! go away pain!" 
The baby bunny's gonna run away because it's scared! 
that's not how to work it! that's not how to make the baby bunny come up!
and so I thought to myself, okay.... I think that if I really wanted a baby bunny to come
towards me (because that's the part of me that is scared and is afraid to come out) 
I would want to be very very quiet and I would want to be very very patient and I would want to just wait,
and hold my hands open with gentleness and receiving the baby bunny, basically sending it a message saying
"it's okay.  I'm not going to hurt you. it's okay to come out.  it's okay for me to see you now"
And sometimes when we're really having trouble releasing a painful area in our body,
or releasing a painful belief system that we have about ourselves, it's because that part of ourselves is really really
scared. It was hurt in the past very badly, and it does not want to come out!  and especially not if you're like
"HEY! release now! get out here! I want you to go away!"
that's just not gonna work. We need to treat those parts of us like they are little baby bunnies! 
and so, if you can think that in your mind when you're struggling with a certain pain in your
body or you're struggling with a certain belief system that you have,  or you're just struggling with the overwhelming
life,  or you are feeling stressed out or frustrated... think to yourself ...what is the issue here?
what is it that I'm so frustrated about?  so maybe you could see that part of you as a baby
bunny and you could say
"hey I know that I've been trying it this other way, and I'm trying to force you to change. 
What is it, baby bunny, that you want to tell me? What's the message you're trying to tell me?
so that I can hear you. And we can move forward together!  how did you get so hurt in the past, so bad that you are hiding
deep in this cave... away from everybody? come forward now.  I'm ready to love you.  I'm ready to see you.  I'm ready to believe you.
I'm ready to hear you now."
THAT'S where the real change happens. 
When we open up and really start looking into the caves. . . not peering in with a
little hook and trying to grab the little bunny... but with open arms and understanding and patience and love
THAT'S how we change. . . so give that a try and let me know what you think! 


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