Afraid to Fall in Love? Nicole reframes it for you in less than 2 minutes.

Hey LookinsideLoveyourLifer's!  (Or, Lily's, for short?? heehee!),

We've all been there. The magical start of a new relationship. 


The world, in TECHNICOLOR!

a goofy smile on your face, all the time!!

But sometimes, for many of us, as excited as we get, we have an equal and opposite reaction of nervousness too.  

In fact, The Urban Dictionary has a new word for it:

The sensation of being nervous and excited at the same time
When you want to jump up and down and yell "YAY ME!" but you also want to curl up in a teeny tiny ball and hide at the same time.
Yup. That about sums it up nicely. 
So today, my video is pretty short, but it might help you shed a humorous light on the craziness inside you when you have a new love. 
Once I realized this, I was able to laugh at myself and relax a little and have fun. 
Or maybe you will think I am totally nuts (it wouldn't be the first time) and think, Nicole, it's NOT that simple. 
Well. I ask you. . . .
What if it was? 
Let us know, if you've ever felt that way, or think Im nuts, or you are going to try it, in the comments section. We LOVE feedback and we look forward to seeing you next week! 

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