Ouchy Period? Myofascial Self Care Tips when Aunty Flo stops by!

Period Pain.  WWAAAAA!

(Need I say more?)

Well. I will. in the below video, I talk about your period, pain, and some great Myofascial Self Care tips for your:

Moontime...Menstruation...Aunty Flo....On "the rag"...Red Tide....Shark Week...or my favorite observation from my Brother in Law:

"Never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die". 


For your enjoyment (and hopefully relief!)




(Transcript below if you want to read!)

hey folks!
Nicole Russo here from look inside love your life and I am wearing my special
t-shirt at the Katie bought me: "Look inside, Love yo'self"
and that's what we are going to do today!  want to talk about how to love, YO self!
during the time of your period. So if you are a guy, I'm very sorry this, one's not
for you..... BUT you could share with the woman you know that complains about her
period pain!
and what do we get when we have our period? Cramps! sometimes you
feel fatigued and tired ...irritable maybe? your breasts get tender...all of those fun exciting things of
being a woman ...
which would be actually a lot easier if we all accepted that we were women and that we had periods!
because then you could actually time it.....for instance ,use an app online and on your phone download it to your phone and
you can time when you're going to feel this way and kind of plan your life around that!
so for instance you know I know that this time of the month I'm going to be irritable so I'm gonna lay
low and I'm not going to do extra stressful things and if I have road rage I'm gonna know that it's about that
probably if I start crying at the drop of a hat I don't have to worry that there's something wrong with me it just
means that my emotions are kind of at a higher level with all the hormones that are going through my body to create my
So there's a number of different things that you can do for self-care for when you have these different situations:
first of all, for like breast tenderness and stuff you can try working on your breasts  during the period,  but it might be too
painful to do that so this one we require kind of planning ahead a little bit , but you can do what's called breast
pulls and like breast stretching so basically what you do is you kind of get as much of the breast tissue as you can
around your hand and gently squeeze in and you can either lean forward;  that's probably the easiest way to do it to get
all the breast tissue and then you just slowly pull away from your chest wall....and that will kind of start opening up
your breasts your body all those kinds of things ....sometimes it's hard for me to hold on like that so I'll even just like
grab and pull it out this way or I will grab it and see which direction feels tighter and just hang out in that
direction for a while. Or maybe I just want to take one hand and grab the side and just pull all of those things will
start to loosen up the restrictions around that area so that when it does become larger and swollen from your
period it won't hurt as much because it has more room to grow so to speak!
If you get really like tender nipples and stuff, you can do the same thing ....you can just
pull your nipple out and hold it and until you start to feel kind of it's stretching out ....
who knew there were stretches for the breasts?!  I know pretty cool! 
so let's see what else for period cramps?  what you can do is you can use this neat tool called an Occipivot,
and you can get these on Amazon:
and it has like basically what looked like teeth but what are actually like
fingers like this and you can use those fingers and kind of line them up with
right above your pubic bone and you can lie down on that on the floor at least
three to five minutes to kind of release....the restrictions in that area but
usually when I do it it's a ten minutes at least because, it takes time for your body to kind of sink into
it and feel into it and for your body to realize that you're lying on something!
Sometimes this can be a little too intense for people and again this would be something that maybe I would consider
doing before your period but you can also try it on a bed as well and it might make you feel better if this is too much
for you and you need something a little softer what you can use is a handy dandy myofascial ball or like any squishy
balls like this.... or even maybe a rolled-up towel into a triangle or something along those lines ....and you
would do the same thing.  So you'd lie facedown it would be right above your pubic bone, so right below your
bellybutton area  in there , and you would just let your whole body sink into it rest....relax try to breathe...
and that can help a lot with period pain, because it will help to create more space in that area. 
don't know if you know this, but I was extremely shocked to realize, how much your uterus expands during your period
versus not on your period it's almost like 2.6 times the size or something:
(photo credit: jujuwebsite, click on photo)
like that so here you have this little space that you know that it normally occupies and then all of a sudden it's
growing to practically twice its size in there so no wonder we're under all of that pain and kind of pressure and we
feel like bloated and all that you might have been told that maybe you're eating too many salty things?
nope! it's because your uterus is actually bigger.  so all of those things can help you feel better
during your period those are like physical things that you can do...
and some mental things you can do is to just kind of talk to yourself that you're gonna take it easy so this these
couple days I just need to slow down I need to take it easy... if there's anything that you could reschedule ?
reschedule it, so that you can chill out. A great thing to do to relax, is maybe you like to take a bath,
so you can take a bath... maybe you have comfy jammies that make you feel good or like a heating pad
that makes you feel better or just drinking some tea and reading a book...like think about those things that help
you feel good and make sure that you have the time to do those things during the time of your period to help take
care of you while you need a little bit of extra care during period times ...
so let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about how to do any
of those things or if you want to just share your experience...
and I will talk to you later!


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