The Hidden Reasons Behind Road Rage and How you can use it to your advantage

Road Rage. 

I assume we are all familiar with the term. . .but if's that moment when something fairly mundane happens while you're trying to get somewhere driving, and you suddenly just FREAK  ......   OUT!!

(or maybe the other person does it to that case, you're doin pretty good today, so KUDOS!)

Moments ago, you were the picture of zen. And now, after that driver cuts you off or makes a bad judgment call on distance, you literally turn into a Hugh Jackman, Wolverine Wannabe, complete with foaming at the mouth. 

Whoops. If you haven't been there, then you have clearly never driven in Massachusetts. or (insert highly populated city here...)

Or maybe its not driving, but its something else happening that you completely over react to. 

I know. That never happens to this mindful group. 


And then what? Maybe if it was road rage, you feel ok with it, because it was anonymous (which is a whole other topic of conversation, really...)

But what if you "wolverined" your best bud? Or your daughter? Your Mom? a coworker?

Cue major guilt trip, right? (if not, then you are probably in the wrong group, please see the Master Angel Department, or Complete Sociopath Department)

So now, not only did you flip a lid, you feel like a total bum about it! 

what a FUN cycle! 

Well. I've come to the realization, that instead of making myself feel bad about my wolverine lapses, I can actually use them to my advantage. 

Check it out:


(Transcript for those who prefer to read...I am WAY funnier on video...FYI)

hi folks, It's Nicole Russo from look inside love your life and today I want
to talk to you about the hidden reasons behind ROAD RAGE....
so you're sitting there, and you know... I think you all know what
happens with road rage, right?  and something happens ...someone cuts you off..
and all of a sudden you become like this beast!  and you're like yelling and
screaming in the car and just like honkin the horn like
how could you do this ???? 
I'm trying to get to my meditation and relax!!!
we've all been there right ?
SO, what IS the hidden reason behind road rage?
well ...first of all ...usually I notice for myself, if I'm yelling at other cars
like that that there's something else going on. There's something else that's
stressing me out that  I need to deal with because it's definitely not the car
that cut me off.
let's face it ...there's a million people out there! We've all done the crazy
things that the person in the car they're just kind of softened so why is
it that we're not able to just chill out this time around and be like
"yeah things happen ....try to calm down ....whatever ..."
so it takes time when you have road rage to stop and say
"hmm ....I seem to be getting very angry at all of the cars lately ...
what exactly is going on with myself ? Am I stressed out about a
situation at work? am I upset about a conversation that I have with somebody?
did I get an email that was upsetting to me?
it's so easy to have something happen and not deal with it and all of a
sudden have it pop up in other ways.
For instance, even now, I will notice that I will  get an email about something that
concerns me or that I have to take care of ...maybe one of my employees wants to
sit down and talk to me which is never a good thing... I'm just kidding!!
It usually is TOTALLY FINE... but I get nervous that something bad is gonna happen.
so they send me this email
"we need to talk today"  
all right no problem... but I'm in the middle of all these other things and while I'm doing all
these other things, I just have this sort of level of anxiety that keeps climbing...
and I think to myself
huh ...I have a lovely anxiety that I didn't have this morning... this morning I felt really good!
what happened ?
and I actually have already forgotten about the email and I'll be like OH YA!
I feel anxious because I got that email!
so I need to deal with that.  I need to do something about that.  I need to process that so I
feel better about it ...
so I feel like Road Rage is a really good barometer for how you're actually
feeling about the rest of your life ...your stress level... if you are yelling and screaming at people all day when in
your car really take a moment and think to yourself
is it about them?
or is it about something else ? did I get an email that I thought upset me? is there an action that I can take right now to
handle some of the stressful situations that I have to be able to mitigate it ? do I just need to process some emotions
that I haven't  processed yet ?
because usually that's what it is... so if you have noticed that you've had road ragerecently and you want to sit down and
figure it out and comment about it, please feel free we'd love to hear from you! 


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