The Secret to Getting Through a Chronic Pain Flare

Have you ever made tons of progress only to face a painful setback? 

This past November I had a huge pain flare up in my body.  It caused me to call out sick from work for 2 days.  My mind went crazy thinking all sorts of different things.  

"What's wrong with me?" 

"Why is this happening?" 

"Was it this? Was it that?"

It wasn't until I decided to let go of my story about my pain and shift my focus from a victim mentality obsession to practical and actionable steps that I started to feel be…

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The Decision that Changes Everything

Did you know that February 13th, is International Self Love Day? 

It was also the day I was supposed to get married. 


I was actually really scared to share this story. It was a very painful and embarrassing time in my life, to almost get married and then to cancel it at the last minute. 

Remember Katie's perfectionism video? Ya....I suffer(ed)  from that, too. And to admit that I had almost made the biggest mistake of my life, was probably more painful than breaking up with my fiance.…

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The Magic Button that Erases Pain...Nicole reveals The Truth

When you have an injury, or something hurts...the only thing you really want, is for that pain to just go away.

We try a few things. Maybe we get a massage. or try a new chair. take some medicine. Or maybe we simply keep saying to it:

"Go Away!"

or we just ignore it. and hope that it goes away. 

So after a few months of that and it STILL hasn't gone away, now, we get mad. frustrated. angry. we cry in frustration even. 

Still. it persists. 

Well. there is one thing that we don't realize and…

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Self-Improvement or Perfectionism? 3 Red Flags...

Self-improvement and self-care are amazing things.  I've seen my own life change in the most radical and healing ways possible through MFR, mindfulness, emotional release, and a multitude of other self-help techniques.  

But have you ever felt stressed about not making enough progress?

Have you ever judged yourself for not being "woke" enough?  

For not doing your stretches?

For not meditating long enough?

For not eating well enough?

Have you ever watched an interview with a successful ent…

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Are you missing this important step in your Self Care?

Hey Folks, 

Nicole here. Last week I was away on vacation. Which at first meant that I physically moved my body from the snowy Northeast, to sunny Florida while my mind kept checking work emails, calling people and essentially....working. Not exactly a took me a little while to start to unplug. And, as I did, this funny feeling of guilt and anxiety started creeping, and my mind sent me these REALLY helpful thoughts to support that, like

"Will all my employees be ok when Im gone?…

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Holding Yourself Accountable as an Act of Self Love

Repeat after me, "I love and accept myself".  This can be a powerful phrase in the right circumstances.  But what about the times when there is something that you actually don't want to accept  or love about yourself?

What about the stuff that you know you want to improve?  How can you accept it?    

Many of us beat ourselves up AND let ourselves off the hook for the habits and behaviors we want to change at the SAME TIME.  I know, crazy, right?  Nicole and I have definitely never done this be…

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A new direction for our course is brewing for 2018, plus Nicole's surprising New Year's Eve

Hey there and Happy 2018!

(How did a whole year go by? That's what we wanna know!)

Katie and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from many of you about our Self Care Courses and our blog posts from this year, and we noticed a lot of you were being helped by many of our posts about cultivating self love and sharing of our personal stories. As scary as it was to share so much of ourselves we also found it freeing and the best part was that so many of you responded with stories in kind. 

We or…

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I Will Not Be Moved -- Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Awhile back I created a vlog about how Myofascial Release revealed some pretty big negative beliefs I had about myself.  It was all tied into an experience I had while hiking with my emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend.  He berated me the entire hike for not going fast enough and I injured my knee on the way down.  I went to the doctor, got an MRI, saw a knee specialist, went to PT and couldn’t even get a diagnosis.  Yet, anytime I tried to balance on my leg or walk downhill my knee would swell lik…

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Bonus Technique: Neck Unwinding

Hey There!

In my previous blog post: The 3 Keys to Unwinding, I talked about how trust, feeling and intuition can help us move into a mode where we allow our bodies to move on their own.  Now it's time to put those concepts into action with our most recent bonus technique: Neck Unwinding. 

Neck Unwinding in essence is a very simple technique.  Just by allowing your neck to move in an unconscious way you can gain more awareness of tension and start to release more deeply.    



Here are …

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Afraid to wear a bathing suit this year? Here is how I got the perfect Beach Body with Myofascial Release

 Here is a transcript for those of you that prefer to read!

hello friends!
Nicole Russo from the Myofascial Self-Care Video Course Online and today
I'd like to talk about part three of letting go of negative belief systems
about your weight and body image so I'd like to title this the day I realized I
wasn't Barbie and we all like realize this but really realizing it on a deep
level is a whole nother thing.
So when you are on the path of losing weight you hav…

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